Welcome to My World!


Hi, I’m Nadia. I am a native of Louisiana, currently living in Austin, TX. Growing up, I did not get to travel as much as some. Known always as the quiet, reserved type- scared to try new things and new places without someone. For two years, I had to travel a lot for my job. During this time, I slowly began the process of this new me. One who wasn’t afraid to eat alone or do things by my lonesome.

I am a compliance diva by day and a travel agent/blogger by night. I enjoy anything travel, food, book, and music related. Those things have become my passion and I strive to encourage others to experience the same as well. It all starts with an idea or dream. I love exploring new places I have never been or things I have never done. I have decided that I will conquer the world one destination at a time. I currently have two goals- to visit each of the 50 states and step foot on each continent, so far I’ve been to 12 states and 2 territories. Embark on this journey with me, as I write about my travel experiences.

This blog serves as a reminder to myself of how far I’ve come and how much further I can go! I’m still rather new to this and have not been many places…yet! I have discovered that I am a solo traveler by heart. I hope this blog encourages you as much as it will me. Happy Travels!