Visiting Inks Lake State Park in Burnet

3630 Park Rd. 4W, Burnet, TX 78611

(512) 793-2223

Entrance fees: Adults $6.00/Kids 12 & under free

Located an hour northwest of Austin, Inks Lake is a gem worth visiting in the Hill Country. Whether it is on water or on land, Inks Lake State Park offers family fun for everyone. Visitors can enjoy its sparkling blue water, color rock formations, and beautiful sun sets.

Things to Do at Inks Lake

There are numerous activities that you or your family can enjoy:

  • land activities such as backpacking, observing nature, picnicking, or geocaching.
  • water activities like swimming, boating, water skiing, scuba diving, fishing, renting paddle boats, canoes, and kayaks.
  • For as as low as $55 per day, you can enjoy one of the parks 22 cabins on the lake. Or if you want to rough it, the park has numerous campsites starting around $11 per day.
  • hike one of its many trails, such as the Valley Spring Creek Trail, all ranging from easy to hard.

Devil's Waterhole

Devils Waterhole is secluded area off of the Valley Creek Spring Trail. Locals swim or take a short hike to Spring Creek.

Trail ViewsInks Lake Trail

Devils Waterhole

Inks Lake

Cacti at Inks Lake

I’m always looking for unique cacti pieces. This one was perfect-  heart shaped! Always looking for the beauty in things. Nature is beauty.

Inks Lake

Inks Lake

Inks Lake was such a beautiful park. Filled with families hiking trails, camping at one their many sites, fishing, kayaking and other water activities. During this trip, I visited Devil’s Waterhole and hiked two of the easy trails- Devils Waterhole Nature Trail (.2 mi) and the Valley Spring Creek Trail (.9 mi). Figured that was a good intro to hiking. Hiking has definitely become an interest after visiting this park.  I am always looking for beautiful park. What’s your favorite park? Let me know in the comments.